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Our chrome stickers and decals are made of a metallic vinyl. Extra layers of clear varnish are applied to ensure the image retains its color. These stickers are made as a "long term" sticker and should hold their colour for at least one year in normal conditions. They can be easily removed but are not suitable for reapplying.

Does the Celine bags suit me?If yes,which style?

I am 20 years old,I have just serached the interent and found the celine bags are cute,I like their style,but I don't know does they suit me?

Where can I buy a cheap celine bag?

I want to buy a celine luggage bag but I don't trust some websites if I'm giving them over £100 so if anybody can tell me any websites they have used and trust I'm not lucking for real celine bags because I'm saving up most I'm spending in £100 or so celinekings.com

Where can I get a low priced celine luggage bags?

Our company will celebrates its 5th anniversary next month,most of the employees are female.So we decide to buy some celine bags as prize that day.Anyone knows where to buy?

Do you customise stickers?

We only do customised stickers for large orders. Please contact us for more information.

French sales tax for celine bag?

I'm saving money this year because next year I will be going to france on vacation and I want to get a celine bag...I was wondering if there is a sales tax or is it included in the ticket price like in other countries like germany. Thank

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